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Where Are Getcustomneons Made?

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Any LED neon sign from Getcustomneons is handmade to perfection using LED neon tubes that are safe, affordable, and environment-friendly.We’re the most affordable custom neon sign developer you’ll find this side of the hemisphere.All our items come with a year-long manufacturer warranty which covers all manufacturing defects.
Our products are made using durable neon flex technology, which is much stronger and longer-lasting than regular glass neon.

All our products are highly energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and have greater longevity than any other comparable product on the market.Our LED signs are made from neon LED tubes that are 100% safe, even for children. We don’t use any breakable glass, and the LED lights don’t heat up and are safe to touch.Getcustomneonsigns Neon LED lights are extremely easy to install and come with convenient holes for easy hanging and wall mounting.Every product we make is tough and wear-resistant, along with requiring very low maintenance.The lightweight and portable nature of our products make them ideal gifting ideas.

Since all our signs are made from LED flex, there’s zero use of glass in our products. This prevents overheating, and ensures that the products are all energy efficient, and environment friendly. At the same time they are lighter, more durable and highly portable. Also, all our products come with UL certification.Neon signs have been a rage for ages now, and business owners continue to use these signs to stand out. Custom neon signs look great and instantly draw all the eyes to your business. They come in different colours, and the sign can be customized based on your personal needs.

When it comes to neon signs, the benefits are endless. From being energy-efficient to customization freedom, there is so much you can do with just one sign. However, if you are still apprehensive about whether you should get a custom neon sign for your business or not, this article can help.Experts believe that neon signs have been in existence since the late 1600s. However, the famous, modern-day signs did not come into being until a little over a century ago.

People witnessed a significant increase in their popularity during the 50s and 60s. Thanks to their aesthetically pleasing design, affordability, and other factors, neon signs have made a stellar comeback in the 21st century. From restaurant interiors to advertisement boards, neon signs are everywhere. Depending on its colour, a neon sign can contain argon, helium, or carbon dioxide. In the 21st century, fibre optic and LED technologies are being employed to create more eco-friendly designs.

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