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When Can You Get a Haircut After Hair Transplant?

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"Haircut After Hair Transplant: The Timing Puzzle
The anticipation of that first haircut post-hair transplant is exhilarating. It opens the door to a world of hairstyle possibilities. But, when's the right time to make that trip to the salon? The answer hinges on several factors. Men usually give it at least three weeks post-surgery before snipping away. Expect some temporary shedding of transplanted hair during the healing process, but it will grow back. For women, with their longer locks, timing can vary, but care is advised not to disturb the transplant and donor areas too soon. Patients who've undergone FUT surgery may opt to let their hair grow a tad longer to hide temporary scars. Consultation with a professional, such as Dr. Jindal at PRP In Raleigh, is crucial for determining the perfect timing for your post-transplant haircut."

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