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Welcome to ā€“ a Blog that bridges the gap between security and digital marketing, aimed at assisting Content Creators, Social Media Marketers, Digital Marketers, Bloggers and many more to secure their brands and financial gains.

Here at The DLY Vibe, I share what I have learned in an ultra technical industry but will simplify things here and recommend solutions that fall in line with the 3 Most Important words concerning your brand: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

My name is Cameron, Iā€™m a Cyber Defense Engineer and Blogger presenting dynamic and practical solutions to help secure the digital space which is growing rapidly by the day.

I completed my undergraduate studies with Texas State University, and received a degree in Computer Information Systems. Technology and the advancement of the digital world has always fascinated me and have since became my passion at an early age. Before I got into Cyber Defense I started as a Data Software Engineer and enjoyed my years there before I began a new venture with my current company.

As I transitioned into the Cyber Defense space I quickly noticed how amazed I was with figuring out solutions to cyber attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

I am a guy who enjoys living life to the fullest but also sharing my experiences with others which brought me to creating this blog. I got started online learning how to become an digital marketer but little did I know that it would inspire me to share my everyday cyber security world with the digital marketing community by creating The DLY Vibe. I enjoy having quality conversations related to entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, and the fine art of living.

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