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Tips to select the Best Background Music for Videos

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Some background music for videos are intended to deliver a sub-perceptual boost. Other music invigorates the audience, while other music compliments the action on screen and sets the tone.

Sometimes choosing one single from a seemingly endless list of options seems daunting, then limit your choices to one specific genre. Here are some of the genres that several business videos are known to elicit.

A bookend is considered as a 3-5 sec clip of music, mostly followed by animation or text, which signals the beginning or end of a video. However, if your movie is particularly extensive, it can be used to signify the start and end of each chapter.

Most of the time, we already have a song in mind that we can use as a guide. You can listen to it on YouTube and then search for songs with a similar rhythm, pace, progression, instrumentation, or key.

Several free royalty free music sites or free no copyright music sites make this work simple; such as you can submit a song and it will find others that sound similar.

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