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The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Data Ownership and Data Stewardship

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Cognopia was founded in 2016 to help companies win with data. We started with a focus on technology, but rapidly realised that the main obstacles holding our customers back were their People and Processes. The data people wanted to deliver excellence, but lacked guidance on how to get this right.

Every day we see that data people are overwhelmed. They're being bombarded with requests for reports, to help on projects and to keep giving more analytics. But they also know the company data needs to be improved to really add value. Unfortunately, many great data people have to waste even more time wading through Google just to learn where and how to start.

We know how hard it is to gain skills in data and data management. The basic concepts are easy enough, but being able to apply those concepts in the context of your firm is tricky. Too many courses are theoretical guff, or overly technical. To truly understand the concepts you need practical, simple and direct advice that you can actually apply in the real-world. We help you avoid the worry that your work won't have impact.

What's worse than no training? Getting bad training. We want you to get it right, first time. We have taken what we know and packaged it into bite-sized learning nuggets that can be immediately put into practice. Don't waste another minute scouring the internet for clues. We teach you practical skills that will wow your business peers.

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