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Stop Lower Back Pain with Spine Stretching Device Lumbarest

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A Lumbarest therapeutic mat is a sort of back traction device that may assist in the relief of back pain. According to “Health line”, at home lumbar traction treatment is a technique that may help with lower back pain.

Mechanical spinal traction therapy is a kind of treatment in which patients are approached and asked to lay down on a table that has been prepared to stretch the back. According to WebMD, Lumbarest back traction mat used to treat the following conditions: Disks that have herniated, Sciatica, Disease of the Degenerative Disk, Nerves that have been squeezed.

Spinal traction treatment (Lumbarest mat) may be used to elevate the intervertebral spaces, lowering internal pressure, hence preventing irritation of the pain-sensitive fibers around the annulus fibrosis. Spinal traction treatment reduces pain and stimulates physical function by restoring the spinal joint to its correct physiological movable location.

This is accomplished by restoring normal posture to the spinal joint. Sufficient tension separates the spine and extends the intervertebral disk, reducing the amount of strain placed on the nucleus pulposus and allowing the application of inward-moving force to be feasible.

Sufficient tension separates the spine and extends the intervertebral disk. Relaxing the contracture change of musculoskeletal tissues improves the proper mobility of spinal segmental muscles by increasing their range of motion.

A back decompression framework is used in the practice of Complete Chiropractic Care and Wellness. Although it looks like an old-fashioned traction table, it is equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows your primary care physician to treat you more accurately and precisely.

Patients will be restrained to a decompression table, which moves and distributes power to specific areas of the body as needed. The framework will gently split the patient’s spine using a gentle approach, creating a vacuum between the vertebrae that will bring the plates back into their proper positions.

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