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Some Important things which everyone should know before joining self defense classes

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Brazilian jiu jitsu Singapore, martial arts training, self defense classes, bjj gyms Singapore - Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a grappling style of combat sport developed from the martial art of Judo and the traditions of several other fighting styles. Unlike most traditional martial arts which focus on striking and throwing techniques, Brazilian jiu-jitsu uses the principles of leverage and proper positioning to defeat an opponent in a street fight.

In addition, Brazilian jiu-jitsu also incorporates judo techniques, allowing for takedowns and throws. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is also known as BJJ, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, because it was created in Brazil by Mitsuyo Maeda who was a student of the Kodokan Judo Institute.
Brazilian jiu-jitsu is practiced by millions of people worldwide and has become an important part of the martial arts scene

Martial arts training or self defense classes help in improving the physical fitness, discipline, and self-confidence. BJJ Singapore is a great way to improve your overall health and fitness levels while learning martial arts. This can be done through both group and private lessons.

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