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Revolutionary seating experience

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From casual gamers to professionals, we want to provide all e-sports enthusiasts with a gaming experience at the highest level. Whether you are a professional team, a group of friends or a company - with us you have the best conditions for a fun and successful time. In addition to high-quality gaming equipment, we offer a wide range of services as well as all drinks for free, so that every gamer can reach their maximum performance with us.

The 1337Camp is located at Maybachstra├če 24, 71332 Waiblingen. The location is in an industrial area and is therefore best reached by car. The train station Waiblingen is also not far away. In addition, we offer a shuttle service to Stuttgart and Frankfurt airports.

We believe that every person has an individual, unique and vibrant personality. We think that this personality can blossom with the right environment and tools. Our bootcamp is designed to provide the perfect environment for this to happen. Our gaming stations have the best performance to clear every technical hurdle and with our location we want to create a relaxed ambience so that you always feel comfortable during the bootcamp. We want you to be able to concentrate fully on the game, so that in the end only one thing decides about the victory: Your skill.

We call ourselves 1337Camp or Home of the Elite. To understand the meaning, you have to go back about 20 years in the history of gaming. At that time, the gaming scene was developing more and more on the net. In order to play together there, each gamer needed his or her own account, to which he or she had to give a name. At the same time, many gamers wanted a name that was as unique as possible.

1337 thus stands for the English word "leet", which is synonymous with Elite. Since the spelling was initially only understood by a small circle (the elite), it was called Leet Speak - or expressed in their own language: "1337 5P34K". This leads us to the name 1337Camp. Our aspiration is that all our clients achieve their best possible performance. To achieve this, we equip them with the best hardware available and thus lay the foundation for their victory. All eSports enthusiasts are welcome here - at the Home of the Elite

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