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Our Ecosystem – Tokenized Social Network

Submitted by • December 16, 2021 Website:

The first social network in the world oriented so that anyone can create wealth, do business or earn money. This is the model of the future, this is what people will start demanding. Enough of giants using your data to earn millions and you get nothing.

VIBLO is the fundamental unit of account on the Viblos network. It is a native token that we have explicitly designed to facilitate transactions on the platform. As a native token, VIBLO can be purchased or sold on major cryptocurrency exchanges.VIBLO is the fundamental unit of account on the Viblos network. It’s a native token that we’ve explicitly designed to facilitate transactions on the platform.

Viblos allows users to have full control over the distribution of their content and grants them property rights in the form of a token that guarantees monetization. Viblos is implementing a disintermediated and decentralized direct revenue-based platform for content producers. This platform allows them to validate their works before putting them on the market through an algorithmic validation model, based on community consensus. The creators’ is also monetizable on the platform.

Thanks to its algorithmic transparency and tokenization model, Viblos allows entrepreneurs and marketers to engage with organic communities. Unlike traditional social networks where user data is collected automatically, you decide what information you want to share on Viblos.

Viblos uses cryptography to ensure the security of users’ profiles. Users can choose which level of security they want and are afforded greater protection on the social network because they can have up to three layers of security to verify their identity. The first democratic and free social network created so that individuals and companies alike can generate wealth using a token of value. Do business, find investors, create your NFTs, earn money by watching videos and add value to your content.

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