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Mounjaro Bellevue

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"Unlock Lasting Wellness with Mounjaro Bellevue: $750 Comprehensive Program
Transform your life with Mounjaro weight loss solutions at The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery in Bellevue. Our holistic program is available at a fixed rate of $750 per month, covering medication, essential supplies, personalized diet and exercise plans, and monthly follow-up consultations. We offer both in-person and virtual Mounjaro consultations for your convenience.
In the world of weight loss, past supplements and medications have faced skepticism. The FDA's approval of semaglutide as a weight loss treatment has ignited curiosity about similar options. Mounjaro, with the potential for FDA approval, could join the ranks. The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery is proud to be among the first to introduce tirzepatide for weight loss in Bellevue and Kirkland."

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