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It works by inducing the production of more collagen in our skin. Microneedling pens are used to prick the area of the face that is targeted for treatment, therefore causing some small injury to the skin. This makes the skin respond by growing some new tissue that is rich in collagen. The new skin that develops after the pricking exercise is not only smooth in texture, but its tone is also more even. Normally, human skin would lose collagen as the age advances, or if there is an injury. By encouraging your skin to create new tissues, there will be more collagen which will help in making the skin firmer.

The procedure is straightforward, as your doctor pricks your skin using a pen-like needle. Because the pen pricks are very small, they will not be noticeable after the procedure is complete. The doctor will move the needle evenly throughout the skin so that it creates an even tone after the new skin rejuvenates. Before getting started with microneedling, the doctor applies topical anesthesia to minimize the intensity of pain that you might feel. The anesthesia is applied an hour before the skin treatment procedure starts. Your dermatologist will also apply some serum or any other treatment that helps to make you stay calm. The entire procedure could take two to three hours.

Taking care of the eyes does not only require us to pay attention to the maintenance of the skin around the eyes in our daily life. Our living habits are also very important for eye care. Modern people’s life is mostly nightlife, so many people inevitably like to stay up late. For example, the rise of bars makes more and more people like to entertain, drink and dance at night, but this life habit is bad for the skin around your eyes, it will cause a lot of stress, and it will make many people look very old, so we must pay attention to get more rest in our daily life.

Eyes are beautiful and fragile. Don’t forget to take care of them while we show our charm. Eyecare is not too difficult but needs to be done consistently. Don’t think it’s troublesome and intermittently or simply ignore this matter, doing so will not have any effect. Hope the above eye care tips can give you some guidance, we can all have a pair of perfect and charming eyes.

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