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In-Home and Mobile Dog Grooming Service

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Groomit is the first mobile platform connecting pet owners and groomers. By connecting owners and groomers directly, Groomit offers top quality services at affordable prices, all performed in the convenience and comfortability of your home.Our groomers are selected through Groomit's proprietary vetting system while being fully insured and trained.

We excel in ensuring your pet receives all the grooming they need to a professional standard. Our groomers have a passion for pets like no other; and to top it all off, they perform their work in your home!We only use all natural products while providing a low stress and comfortable grooming experience.

Is your dog looking scruffy and in desperate need of a bath and haircut? Is your cat covered in mats and refusing to be brushed? Do they hate going to the groomer because of crowding and noise? Well, have no fear, Groomit, the mobile grooming service is here!

If your doggo is one of those that hates traveling or staying in a cage for hours, choosing a mobile grooming company would be best. The business, Groomit, services thousands of pets and owners in New York, New Jersey, Miami, Orlando, Connecticut, and Dallas, and is quickly expanding! If you happen to live in any of those areas, choosing Groomit would be the best choice for your pet’s grooming needs.

Grooming is a large part of the pet industry and marketplace, growing significantly over the last few years. Mobile grooming has really taken off lately, as more owners are looking for ways to keep their commuting to a minimum and also reduce their pet’s anxiety over being dropped off in a busy kennel or grooming facility. This is where mobile pet grooming services, such as Groomit, come in handy!

A mobile grooming service is exactly what you would think it is. A van that is pre-equipped with everything a groomer needs in order to travel to and from owners’ homes and provide adorable and well-done haircuts to both dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and temperaments.

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