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The last thing that will pop up in your mind: arranging and organizing your paint supplies in a synchronized and categorical manner. Why will it cross your mind anyway? You finish your project, all done and dusted, leaving the tools at a corner of your garage to be rusted or ruined. Many a times we forget how taking care of our things with time can help us preserve them longer!

Just imagine this- an immediate plan for a house makeover shows up at your door or an uncalled scratch at your wall, which needs your attention comes in to your notice. After recalling to where you might have dumped your painting tools, you stumble upon a big mess! Big unnamed paint cans, sturdy paint brushes, dried out polishes and rusted tins. A whole wave of regret crashing on you; for not arranging your precious supplies in a safe place before.

We at Integrity Supply believe in providing what’s best for our customers. Hence, we do not just limit ourselves to offering quality products and items, but also tips and tactics to take care of them. We realize the importance of your paint tools, how your small act of negligence can deteriorate these items. Therefore, we have come up with some basic tips on how to organize your paint supplies, correctly!

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