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We believe that if we all work together, a better world is possible. So we’ve started Helphub to make that happen. Helphub is a community of like-minded people who want to make the world a better place for themselves and others. The Helphub is a new all-inclusive crowdfunding platform for medical innovation, providing startups and researchers with a funding alternative to traditional venture capital.

India’s rural healthcare infrastructure is in a state of crisis. Although India has made significant progress towards providing access to health services, the country still suffers from gaps in healthcare delivery. One such gap is lack of primary healthcare services in villages and hamlets. This makes it difficult for people living in remote areas to get basic health services at reasonable costs. It is with this realisation that Helphub was born - an innovative solution to address the needs of rural healthcare providers and patients alike.

Helphub is a service that allows you to find the nearest doctor, dentist, or hospital anywhere in India. This means that if you are in need of healthcare services and are unable to reach a clinic or hospital on your own, then Helphub can help.

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