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Five Steps To Smashing Your Fitness Goals

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GOFA Fitness is here to help transform lifestyles. With cutting-edge AI technology, the app tracks your movements and analyzes your form as you work through over 100 equipment-free workouts. Featuring content created by some of the fitness industry’s leading celebrity trainers, GOFA will help keep you motivated as you build happier, healthier habits. All you have to do is show up and press play.

GOFA uses proprietary AI technology to track your movements, count your reps and analyze your form. This software puts you at the centre of it all, giving you a personalized all-in-one training experience tailored to help you meet your wellness goals. The app will generate detailed reports of your performance, and you can also sync your favorite devices like your Fitbit and Apple Watch with GOFA, making it easy for you to keep track of your progress. Simply select the device of your choice at the start of each workout and you’ll be good to go.

We’ve created the largest range of AI-powered audio and video-based workouts across all fitness categories. GOFA tracks your movements, counts your reps and analyzes your form, taking you through each workout safely and effectively, all with just your smartphone. GOFA’s audio-based running guides analyze your stats in real time and give you feedback on your heart rate, pace and distance as you run.

GOFA counts each rep of your strength workout and displays your results on screen, making it easy to monitor your progress. During cardio and HIIT sessions, GOFA tracks your activity. Your goal is to “raise the bar” by staying in the active zone. Our programs are tailored to your needs. Start seeing real results with our dynamic training sessions that include live feedback and intelligent, AI-powered activity tracking.

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