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Document Translation Services

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Gotham Lab’s business document translation services are protected and secured under our confidentiality and security guidelines. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) are part of our standard translation service procedure. Executed NDA’s are available upon request at no additional cost, for any translation services project. Gotham Lab has professional hand-picked translators in over 50 languages. Our team of translators, linguists and editors specialize in a variety of fields for business translation, legal translation, media translation and technical translations. A list of languages that we offer translation services can be found here.

At Gotham Lab, your document translations are handled by hand-selected translators who specialize in a variety of fields such as: business translations, legal translations, technical translations and medical translations. Some of these translation services might require notarized certification. We can provide notarized certificates of accuracy for all translation services that we provide as well as an apostille.

Gotham Lab uses hand-selected professional human translators for all document translations. All of our translators pass acceptance exams. We conduct test translations that are evaluated by peers, prior to becoming a translation service team member. Our quality control protocol ensures accuracy and consistency for all of our document translation services.

We have a courteous, professional staff of highly credentialed and hand-selected human translators, editors and linguists to timely and accurately meet your localization service and language needs. Specialized human translation services are offered for business translations, document translations, legal translations, technical translations and translations for media localization services, voice over and subtitling.

Choose from our hundreds of voice-over talent in over 100 languages. We have the voice talent and recording studio to provide broadcast ready media localization services at affordable rates. We consistently beat competitor pricing and turnaround thanks to our in-house combination of translation services and recording studios. We also provide audio description services for the hearing impaired.

Our proprietary subtitling and captioning software reduces turnaround time and cost by over 50% compared to competitors. We have specially trained linguists and subtitling experts that use our proprietary subtitling platform to produce broadcast ready subtitles and captions at a fraction of the cost and time. We work with over 50+ languages and can provide subtitling and captioning rates for as little as $1 per minute of video run-time!

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